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Cheap Website Hosting

Cheap hosting from $1. Free Domain Names. Full C Panel with instructional texts and videos, super secure servers, Auto setup, Auto installers, free scripts to install, and free emails. More bandwidth than others, more diskspace and loads more free features! FREE. Including: free whois protection and free anti theft domain lock for your domain name.

  • Full C Panel
  • Free Domain names
    with all plans - excluding budget plan and vps
    TLD domains including: com, net, us, and more
    Free domain, free domain transfers, free renewals every year, free domain parking for unlimited domains!
  • Free Whois protection on domain names
  • Free anti theft domain lock
  • AW Stats
  • Auto Installers - one click installations!
  • 100's free website scripts
    including wordpress, classifieds, auctions, ecommerce (b2b, b2c, multistore), forums, social network etc
  • Free emails
    With webmail and html text editors
    Email Forwarders
    Auto Responders
    And more
  • Free mailing lists
  • Free website transfers
    If you're currently hosted elsewhere, our staff will backup all your databases and files and move your website to our hosting. Your website will NEVER go offline!
  • Instant automated setup - be online in minutes!!!
  • No setup fees or charges.
  • Free pre-purchase help and advice.
    Don't know what you need? Want a website but dont know what type of hosting or what script to install. Just ask!
  • More diskspace
  • More bandwidth allowance
  • More mysql databases
  • phpmyadmin
  • More ftp accounts
  • website hosting us servers super secure US servers
  • worldwide hosting globally worldwide hosting - host from any country using any domain extension - you do not need to host from your own country!
  • Full instructional documentation and help.
    Texts or videos with pause and rewind.
  • NO overcrowded or oversold server space
    We're experts. We professionally manage our server space and ensure maximum limits are never exceeded!
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • expert support Bachelor of Technology graduate support team!
    Get help and support from experts 24/7/365
    No outsourced staff!
  • Guaranteed NO MORE TO PAY
  • Guaranteed No extra or hidden charges
  • Guaranteed no promotional or "new user" deals! Our pricing is the same and your next years price wont be different!
  • Full money back refund guarantee!
    Not 7 days, not 30 days, not 3 months. If you're not happy, we're not happy either!
  • FREE website build and setup service with business and ecommerce plans

Everything is

No Lock in contracts
More Bandwidth
More Diskspace
More Free!
We beat our
hands down

Guaranteed NO MORE TO PAY
You dont need to hire a web designer!
We have hundreds of scripts free that are fully responsive to all screen sizes and can be customised for your business including all colors, fonts, images, logos, icons and more!
Save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Our Hosting Costs are NOT special offers! Our websites hosting is CHEAPER with more features!
All Hosting comes with free website and domain name transfers (excluding budget plan). We'll move your website for you free!

ecommerce website hosting

Cheap Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce Hosting with free ecom script, free domain name (forever) free SSL, free dedicated IP, unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited script installs (add a blog, add a firesale script, add members areas, forums, classifieds - anything you want! unlimited email accounts and unlimited mailing lists! As well as unlimited ftp accounts and unlimited mysql databases.

There is NOTHING left out, and all for around $8 a MONTH, or less than $100 a year!
You'll pay over $1000 a year elsewhere and have LESS features and less capabilites!
Includes full onsite payment processing from paypal or credit cards, plus add sales, coupons, gift certificates, and has multi site and affiliate payment splitting capabilities!!!

From $99 a YEAR. Not per month. Fully setup including SSL!

  • FREE Ecommerce script - save 100's or 1000's $$$
    OR Install your own.
  • FREE SSL Certificate - save $50+
  • FREE Dedicated IP - save $50+
  • FREE domain name
    TLD including free domain transfer, and renewals each year plus unlimited free parking for any other domains you own.
  • Free whois
  • Free antitheft domain lock
    With auto responders forwarders etc
  • Free Webmail
    With html editor, contacts and full features
  • FREE Mailing lists
    Dont pay a third party provider.
  • Ecom script functions include:
    100% responsive to all devices, monitors, tablets and phones.
    Sales, discounts, coupons, gift certificates.
  • Full credit card processing onsite
  • Paypal or OTHER payment processors onsite
  • Shipping & Deliveries
  • Multistore capabilities
    eg: b2b, b2c, affiliate stores
  • Split payment capabilities - allow sellers to list items on your website in their own store and instantly split payments at the checkout by X% to seller and X% to you - note: Requires plugin purchase (but script is able to do!)
  • UNLIMITED Diskspace
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED MySql Databases
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Email accounts
  • UNLIMITED Mailing Lists
  • UNLIMITED folders and folder installs
  • 100's free scripts!
    Install unlimited free scripts in your folders
  • Auto installers
  • Subdomains per package plan.
  • Full host setup.
    We setup your c panel, your admin email account, install your ecommerce script, install your ssl, your database and ftp account. And your websites admin.
  • FREE Website Transfers
    We'll move your website from your current hosting for free!
  • Ecommerce hosting plans CAN be used for hosting other website types where payments are made online. Eg: Auctions, classifieds, booking sites etc.
    We have free auction scripts (etc), so you can simply ask us to install another website type in place of the ecommerce script if you prefer!
    Or provide your own.
business website hosting

Cheap Business Hosting

Full setup and install. 100% responsive to all devices. Full CMS. Five pages *you name them and you can make unlimited more pages yourself! (eg: Home, about, services, location etc). Fully editable contact form, add dropdown selectors, tick boxes, bullets, captcha or quiz to stop spam bots, file uploads and more. Add store locations, google maps, staff contact info.
Also includes seo plugin (to get your pages on search where you want them with assigned keywords!
Social buttons to your social sites, bookmarking for visitors, email to friend, Responsive slideshow, sitemap and more!

From $44 a YEAR. Not per month!

Are you hosting your business website with your internet provider, yellow pages or a free website company?
There's a thousand reasons why you should NOT do this! You can dramatically improve your business presence, customer confidence and trust, and follow through rates by having an independant website.
We 100% recommend you RUN from these services as fast you can!
Having your own website can cost as little as $12 a year, or $24 with a free domain name.
For $1 or $2 a month you can have a website free of advertising that is diverting your customers to other service providers, remove footer links that are diverting your customers to other services, ad your own ads to earn income from your website, or in the case of yellow pages sites and similar remove all your competitors links and advertisements distracting your customers away from yours!
Customers are ten times more likely to contact a business with their own website and less likely to contact a business with no online presence!

Get the
Professional LOOK!

Does your domain name have one title, and your email address another? Are you expecting your customers to remember five different "addresses?"
Or worse! Are you forcing them to search on directory sites where your competitors are and hoping they DONT find a closer/better or cheaper service?


Free Domain Names

All hosting plans come with a free domain name with the exceptions of the "budget" hosting package and VPS hosting.
Free domain names are Top Level Domains, TLD domains, and include .com .net and more, and country extensions eg: etc.
You can purchase CHEAP DOMAINS from us in all extensions, including boutique extensions eg: .florist .lawyer .photographer .luxury .buy .sale .band
There are hundreds of extensions available! If you cant find the perfect domain name in a .com you may be able to find one in your exact field, or keyworded extension!
We have a domain name suggestion tool to help you find available domain names, and multiple domain name search so that you bulk search your choices for availability.
All domain names purchased with us come with free parking, free whois protection, free antitheft domain lock and 50 free email accounts. All member/users can park unlimited domains for free (meaning you can have all the above services on domains that are not used for hosting without having to purchase ANY hosting account or build any website).
And more...
Join as a member before transfering any domain names to us. We offer a further discount on domain name transfers when you bulk transfer, or bulk purchase new domains.
Please note IF you are purchasing a hosting account WITH a free name you should only SEARCH for the domain names availability and NOT purchase it. You will be able to add your domain to your hosting purchase during the checkout process and it will be free! *if you accidently purchase it first, we will add 1 extra years renewal to it for free but cannot refund your purchase.

Websites Hosting

Hosting is global. No matter what country you are from you can host your website in our super secure servers!
Our hosting plans have a selection of free domain names, and you can purchase domain extensions from all countries.

Top Level Domains
Country Extensions
Boutique Domains
Professions & Terms

com net org - us ca uk eu au nz es - soccer florist lawyer buy sale finance...more

Compare whats included in our plans and whats EXCLUDED from other hosts plans.
We give you more bandwidth, more diskspace and more free.
Your C panel comes complete with AW stats so that you can monitor your website visitors, see where they came from, what keywords they used, what they read, how long they stayed and more. See WHERE to spend your advertising dollars, and what works best for you!
We guarantee there's no more to pay, no lock in contracts and no surprises.
Dont believe the hype on comparison sites, check for yourself! After all, they're not likely to tell you!

Mosts hosts charge MORE per month than we charge PER YEAR!

A dollar saved is a dollar earned!


Standard Hosting from $12 a year, free domains, whois protection, anti theft domain lock, free responsive webscripts, aw stats, ftp accounts, mysql databases, full c panel, free email accounts, webdisk, webmail, mailing lists and more.

Click here for all

Website Hosting

plans and pricing

Our pricing is PER YEAR and not per month.

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Domain Names

Search or info

Run by Experts!

Everything from our server maintenance to our online support is handled by experts! Our support staff are genuine Bachelor Of Technology Graduates that are masters of code and web and internet in general. You are guaranteed professional support from experts and not just an answer from an outsourced office worker!

And more! We also have experts for SEO, CSS customisations, a graphic artist (for logos and image designs), and an expert with a Business Degree.

We are awesome!

More Features

and LESS costs

Instant Setup

No waiting! Your hosting is setup instantly and your login details are sent to you by email instantly. You can log in immediately and have your site online in under 15 minutes!

Super Secure Servers

Not just secure, super secure. Your websites files and databases are fully encrypted and stored in state of the art highly reliable servers. And we guarantee space on our servers is NEVER oversold!

Bachelor Of Technology Support

Our support staff are graduates of Bachelor of Technology. We don't outsource your support to simple data entry clerks or office staff. Get real help and real support from experts!

100s+ Free Website Scripts & Auto Installers

Responsive Webscripts! Classifieds, directory, forums, blogs, ecommerce, b2b, auction, streaming, chat, video, social networks and still hundreds more! All free and with simple one click auto installers.

cPanel Included

Full C Panel included. We don't remove anything. Full Php capabilites, and Perl, so any script you want to install will work! Includes full AW stats and Latest visitor info!

Latest PHP & MySQL

State of the art and constantly updated to the highest capabilities. Your C panel includes Apache, Perl, PHP, MySql, PhpMyAdmin, python and more!

Still want more?
There is more! We just cant fit it all on this page.
Our hosting plans are based on website types whereas most hosting companies sell hosting by diskspace and bandwidth, our plans are built based on the type of website you need.
We also have plans for multi domain hosting, sub domains and add on domains.
For Music Sites, Video and Streaming Sites choose VPS. VPS Hosting has ffmeg, which is needed for audio and video. VPS is also best for high traffic sites requiring high amounts of bandwidth similar to youtube or facebook.
Simply choose the type of hosting you need. You can see and compare website hosting plans here

All hosting plans come with free website transfers. If you need our staff to move your existing website for you we will. FREE. We'll backup all your databases and files, and move them to your new hosting account. Your website will NEVER go offline!
Free domain name transfers are available on all plans excluding budget plan and VPS services.

If you need help deciding which plan is best for you simply use our contact form to ask us. We're happy to help.

Get More Pay Less!

Why do our customers host with us?

  • Low pricing. Really low pricing!
  • No more to pay! Everything's included with your plan!
  • Full C panel with ALL inclusions - perl, phpmyadmin databases, aw stats and more!
  • Free Domains with free whois and anti theft lock and free emails
  • Webdisk, webmail, free mailing lists with HTML - stop using 3rd party providers!
  • Professionally managed servers - we NEVER oversell or overload our servers! 99.99% uptime guarantee!

We have over 200,000 clients paying LESS for hosting than you are!

website hosting with free domain

How do we know?...

Our customers tell us everyday!

"I was with one of the biggest US hosting companies and had been for years. Until I found you guys! I was staggered at how little I was getting and how much I was paying! THEY were charging me $30 a month and with not anywhere NEAR as much diskspace or bandwidth, plus I had to pay for my own domain and whois and antitheft. I was only allowed 30 email accounts and if I wanted more it cost more! It was costing me over $670 a year! I cant believe Im now only paying $44 a YEAR and I have MORE than they even have to purchase. Don't be like me! Change now! I love these guys!"
Ken W.

"...I was paying $99.95 a month for my ecommerce site, and then I had to pay $64 more for my ssl and another $59 for my dedicated IP. I did NOT own the script and found I was just "leasing it" from them! It wasn't responsive and I started loosing a lot of sales because my customers couldn't click anything! No free domain name and I only had 10 email accounts for ALL my staff. I only had 3gb of bandwidth and 15 ftp accounts! They had a link to their overpriced hosting plans in my footer and I couldnt remove it unless I paid them another $60 a year! Now I have unlimited bandwidth and diskspace and I'm saving myself over $1200 a year! Plus I LOVE my free business enterprise email!!!"
Jenny S.

"...I wasted three weeks checking all the popular hosting companies prices for hosting. I guess Im just way too cynical. I had to keep coming back and checking I'd read this right. Took me three weeks to convince myself that it was only $24 to get everything I'd been looking for. Now Im happy to report I got everything they said and have everything included in one price. I have sent everyone I know here!"
Mr N.