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Website Hosting doesn't need to be expensive. Or hard, either to set up or to run. Our philosophy is cheap is best. We build website hosting plans around the services you'll require to host a website, whereas most hosting providers sell server space based on diskspace and bandwidth, or sell plans with meaningless names like standard, silver, gold, premium and etc.
This is all fine if you actually know what diskspace is or how much you're going to need, or what bandwidth is and how likely you are to use it before your month is finished.

For the average person this information is useless and confusing.
We make website hosting simple and cheap. Our plans are carefully put together to allow you to select exactly what you need and get your website online fast.

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Being experts and needing webhosting to perform our own work and to host our own websites, and armed with more than a little knowledge on the subject we KNEW that hosting did not need to be as expensive as most hosting companies charge for it.

We decided to open our own hosting site, mainly for ourselves.
Then we branched out into offering cheap hosting to family and friends.
And now we're passing it onto to you.

Take advantage of our cheap hosting packages and our website building services to get your website online now.

There's cheap...
And then there's cheap!
Your Hosting plan is not cheap if you dont get more for the same price.


Standard Hosting from $12 a year, free domains, whois protection, anti theft domain lock, free responsive webscripts, aw stats, ftp accounts, mysql databases, full c panel, free email accounts, webdisk, webmail, mailing lists and more.


Ecommerce Hosting plans from $99 a YEAR
Includes FREE SSL certificate
Free Dedicated IP
Free Ecommerce Script
Free Emails and mailing lists
And UNLIMITED diskspace, bandwidth and a whole lot more!

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Our pricing is PER YEAR and not per month.

Website Hosting with free domains

TLD domain names free with cheap hosting. C panel, auto installers, plans from $1, ecommerce with free ssl and dedicated IP and free ecom script, business website hosting, unlimited website hosting, vps hosting and enterprise email accounts.

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“I have hosted my website in the UK since day one. I decided to change because my website kept going offline all the time. My webhosts couldn't seem to fix it. One minute it was there and then it was gone for hours, along with my emails. I now know they'd oversold the servers and everytime visitors were trying to access my site it went down so I was paying for nothing. I started here with the budget $12 plan and figured I'd just see the difference. I will NEVER go back to where I was! My page loads are much faster and I now have paying customers booking my services! After the first month I upgraded to the business plan and had them build a responsive site for me. It was online in hours! I want everyone to know I am more than happy with choosing websites-hosting.com. And I wish I could name my last host!
AND what annoys me the most was I was paying for adwords advertising, and you still get charged for every click even if there's no site to connect to!
With the money I'm saving and now making I fully intend to fly to the US and kiss every single one of you! ”
Kim Nayler