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A free tld domain name is included with most hosting plans. Plans from $1. Free domains with hosting include free whois protection, free antitheft domain lock and 50 free email accounts.

We are your best choice for cheap Domain Names

Whether you wish to only buy a domain name, or renew a domain name for a cheaper price we have low pricing and include free extras.
Purchase or transfer your domain name to our services and we include free whois protection to hide your personal details from spammers, scammers and telemarketers that always call when you're eating dinner!

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In plain english, is a secondary, or child site of is the registered provider of domain names.
Please note this will make no difference to your hosting, or domain name purchases etc.


Domain Name Information

If you will be purchasing hosting with a free domain name it is IMPORTANT that you do NOT buy the domain name first. You will be able to add your chosen domain name to your hosting plan during the setup/purchase process for FREE.
If you purchase the domain name BEFORE purchasing hosting with a free domain name you will be unable to reverse it.
If this occurs, you can choose to either: 1) elect a second domain name to purchase (parking is free!) or you may ask us to add 1 extra years renewal to the domain name.
Please read the info below.

Need Help?
We provide a FREE website transfer service for all members.

If you are hosted with us we will backup all your files/folders and databases and move your entire website, including your domain(s) 100% Free.
Your website will NEVER go offline! Guaranteed!
Don't stay trapped with a webhosting company that is charging you more or providing less. Did you know that most people wont move a website once its online for fear of messing things up? We guarantee we wont mess things up! Our staff are bachelor of technology graduates, and we backup our backups!
Your website visitors will NEVER know it's changed. You WONT have to change links or notify anyone, you wont have to change business cards or other, your url will be exactly the same and UNCHANGED.
Need to change to a responsive design? Ask us to take a look at your site, we may be able to change it over in minutes just by adding a simple code! or by using a different script.
If you want help, or have questions, contact us here

1. What Domain Name extensions are available?

All domain name extensions are available through us. We register domains for all extensions including tlds, idns, country extensions and boutique domains.
Our free domain names include a selection of tlds idns and country extensions.

2. What Domain Name extensions are included free?

We include a selection of TLD, IDN and country extension domain names with our hosting plans. To check which is available for each plan visit our dedicated member area here (opens in a new page)
If your domain extension isn't available on your choice of plan, contact us before purchasing hosting or the domain if you wish to include it on your plan to arrange a credit on your hosting plan.

3. Can I choose another domain name extension for my hosting?

Yes. Our hosting packages with a free domain name are able to be created with any domain name you choose.
Some domain names can cost hundreds of dollars to register and renew each year, all have different pricing.
If you would like a professional extension eg: lawyer, realestate etc we can purchase it for you SEPARATELY before you purchase your hosting.
Please contact our support to arrange BEFORE purchasing the domain OR the hosting package.

4. What is a TLD?

A tld is a top level domain name. Examples: .com .net
TLDs are worldwide domain extensions and results for your domain will show on search engines worldwide.
TLDs also receive a higher seo rank than other domain extensions.
Eg: if there are two websites with the SAME name, and and the page ranks are the same (meaning both are correctly coded and there is no major differences between them) then the .com will outrank the .net and appear FIRST.

TLD domain names outrank ANY other domain name extension and you should try your best to find and use one that is available in your field or within your keywords.

5. What is an IDN?

An IDN is an international domain name.
These domains will show on results for search engines worldwide in ALL languages and not only in the language that the website displays in. All search engines have translators that people searching can use to translate your listings.

6. Country Extensions - for and against

Country extensions are domain names that are meant to be used solely for business that do NOT wish to be listed in search results outside their own country.
Some examples are .us for the United States, .ca for Canada for Australia, .uk for the United Kingdom, .eu for Europe
It is important that you KNOW that your website will NEVER be shown on search engine results outside of your own country.
This may seem ok if you are only a local service and are not trying to attract business from outside your area, however these domain names can restrict your ability to diversify or grow. Eg: You may be a hairdresser providing business information online but you can expand into selling hair products (shampoos, conditioners etc). If you decide to do this you will only be able to reach local customers.
No matter what type of website you build there is always a way to make it international. Advertising income can be earnt from ANY website. Even if you cannot offer services to those from overseas this does not mean you can't earn income from others who can.
SOME countries charge higher prices for their country extensions or have more money to be paid before you can use the domain name. Eg: Australia, a domain name costs more than a .com. You will also be required to register a business name the same or near to the same as your domain name or you will not be permitted to buy it, register it or use it. This business registration will add HUNDREDS of dollars per year to your domain costs (paid to the government and NOT the domain name registrar).
Our advice is DONT use them or buy them unless you have NO other choice.
A .com costs around $10-12 per year with NO further payments required or registrations required.

Some country extensions are ONLY available to persons FROM that country. You should check whether you are permitted to use a country extension domain before purchasing it.

7. What is a boutique domain name?

In the past domain names had very few extensions available. The shortlist of .com .net .org .info and etc then extended into country extensions, eg:
There are MILLIONS upon millions of domain names in use worldwide, and only so many domain names available per extension.
You are now able to buy domain name extensions using a keyword in place of a standard extension. For example, instead of you can purchase

Most professional terms are available, and if not available now will be available soon. New domain name extensions are added all the time.
And they're not only professional, some are commercially based, location based or shopping based, hobby based or just for fun.
Some examples: .realestate .sale .xyz .ooo .photographer .website .nyc .luxury .casino .blackfriday

8. How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name should first be based around the type of website you will be building and what services or products you are providing.
Eg: If you're selling real estate you should have the term real estate in your domain name somewhere.

You should carefully consider your domain name extension and what would be the BEST choice for you. It may be tricky to find the perfect domain name in the keyword of your choice but perserverence can sometimes work!

If you cant find your perfect domain name in the extension of your choice see if you can find one in a boutique extension.

Two words of advice:
Hyphens are okay to purchase. The search engines IGNORE hyphens and all your website visitors will click links, not type the name in. Numbers are okay eg: 2day will be read on search engines as today. Words with the same meaning will be treated the same. eg: quitsneezing will also return results for stopsneezing. So it's ok to use a different word.
DONT use misspelt words. They may look quirky but your search results will look dismal! And you'll probably have to pay a fortune on advertising to get visitors to your website. Or at least have to spend hours promoting your business on social networks week after week!

To help you find a good domain name we have domain name search tools that include keyword suggestion tools, bulk search so you can search up to fifteen at a time and allow you to select one or all extensions to see whats available.

9. How to buy a domain name

Buying a domain name is simple. Use our domain name search tools to run a search for availabilty. If the domain name is available (meaning it has not been purchased by another person) you can simply click on it to add it to your shopping cart.
During the purchase process you will need to provide ownership information, name, address etc to register the domain in your name.
Purchases can be made with paypal funds or debit/credit card.
Your domain name is registered instantly however you should be aware that NEW domain name registrations can either be instant or take up to 24 hours to be registered. This is a normal time allowance for registering a new domain.
We have noticed that over weekends and public holidays registration times can take up to the full 24 hours and we assume this is because it is the time that most people purchase their new domain or hosting (over weekends), your new domain name needs to be checked for spam registrations (bots programs that order domains), and for attempted registrations by disallowed or banned persons (persons that have had past domain registrations revoked due to illegal activities or other breaches of terms and conditions). Once the checks are complete you will be notified that your domain name is registered and ready for use.

Please note that IF you are purchasing hosting with a free domain name you should NOT purchase the domain name first OR separately.
When purchasing hosting you will be able to select your chosen domain name during the order process and receive it FREE and included in your hosting. Refunds cannot be made on domain name purchases.

10. What is included with my domain?

All domain names purchased with us, or transferred to us, or parked with us, or part of any hosting plan with us receive free whois protection, free antitheft domain lock, 50 free emails, webmail with html edittors (wysiwyg), email forwarders, auto responders.

11. What is Whois protection

All domain names are registered to an owner. Your ownership information is a matter of public record UNLESS you elect to make it private.
Whois privacy protection is available on MOST domain name extension but NOT all. Eg: NOT available on .pro but is available on .com

Whois protection when used hides your personal information from prying eyes.
Your domain registration information includes your name, address and phone number as well as information on where you purchased your domain and where it's hosted, and what date you bought it etc.

Why do you want whois?
As a test, we recently purchased a domain name and did NOT add privacy protection to it. We also did not add domain lock. We wanted to see what would happen.
It didn't take long!
Within ONE HOUR of purchasing the domain name our phone was ringing, with a company from India offering to build our website for us. At extremely high prices (hey, we know, we build websites!). The price nearly knocked us off our chairs.
The point is here that you CANT stop these people from phoning you. There is no do not call register for callers outside your country.
These phone calls will be 24 hours a day from every country on planet earth. Mostly way overpriced website "developers", or other hosting companies, or just plain cold canvas sales calls.
And then there's the emails! Pandoras box there! We had thousands by the next morning. And our land based postal address filled up with advertising mails from all around the world offering us special deals and telling us we'd won lottery prizes...
There are websites that list newly purchased domains the instant they are purchased, and there are spammers that copy these lists. If you're on them, you're on their list. Selling email addresses is profitable! People buy them, companies buy them, lots of people buy them.
So, luckily we were smart. We'd used a disposable email address (one we could delete) and used a cell phone number that we could change. When our test was completed we simply added whois protection and changed the address, email and phone numbers.

Whois protection lists your domain name information as the registrars. In other words, your personal information is replaced with ours. People that wish to contact you must contact us FIRST. And they know we wont provide the information!
Save yourself the phone calls and the spammy emails. Our whois protection is FREE.
And, you don't have to do anything. It's turned on immediately and automatically from purchase or transfering to us.

We are sometimes asked by business owners if they should leave this information public, the answer is NO. If you wish to provide contact information you should do it from the contact page of your website. Here you can HIDE your email address from bots programs!

Please note that whois protection is NOT available on domain names you host with another registrar.

12. What is anti theft domain lock and why do I need it?

Domain names can be stolen. A hacker may steal your domain to ransom it back to you, or they may steal it because your domain name or your website is valuable, eg: earning a lot of income from product sales, or advertising income, or ABLE to be converted into a website that earns high profit. OR it may just be that the theif was contracted by one of your competitors to take you offline.
You may find your stolen domain name is still online and operating. And the theif may be profitting from it OR WORSE destroying your reputation deliberately!
Or they may just sell it.
For whatever reason, it is possible. And you should ALWAYS ensure you have anti theft domain lock and that it is turned ON at all times.
Domain locks are an encryption code that only YOU have knowledge of or access to.

All domains purchased through us, transferred to us, or part of any hosting plan with us receive free antitheft domain lock.
You don't have to do anything, it is automatically turned on and active from the moment you purchase a domain or transfer a domain or setup your hosting account with any domain name.

Please note that antitheft is NOT available with domain names that you host with another registrar.

13. What are Parked Domains?

A parked domain is a registered domain name that you own that is not being used for hosting a website. We park domains for free for all user accounts. All parked domains have free whois protection, free antitheft domain lock and 50 free email accounts with webmail, and html editors.

14. Can I use my domain without buying hosting or having a website?

Yes. You don't need to have hosting or a website to use your domain name. Simply park your domain with us ( buy it from us or transfer it to us) and we'll provide your with free whois, free antitheft domain lock, 50 free email accounts, webmail with html editors, and all our email accounts have anti spam filters too!

15. Can I host a website with you but leave my domain with my current registrar?

yes, you just need to change your DNS settings.
You should also know that most of our hosting accounts have a free domain name transfer, so if you do choose to transfer it will be free with your hosting (we pay the transfer and renewals every year).

16. Do I still get whois and antitheft if I dont transfer my domain?

No. You will only be able to use services and products that are provided by your current registrar. We have NO access to any domain that is hosted elsewhere and cannot add features. Domains not transferred to our registrar services do not have whois, antitheft, free emails or access to webmail through our services.

17. Is Transferring my domain name free?

Yes and no.
With hosting yes, if your chosen hosting plan has a free domain name included.
If you are transferring domain names that are not part of a hosting package then you are required to pay the transfer fee which is equivalent to one years registration fee.
If your domain name is renewed early, an extra 12 months will be added to the registration/renewal date.

Our external links on this page go to our parent website
Clicking links on this page for our domain tools (etc) will take you to our main website
This is a separate site area dedicated to domains.
Should you wish to purchase hosting you will be redirected to
These are separate site areas.

All links on this page will open in a new page.
If you wish to return to this site either:
1) BOOKMARK this website before leaving so that you can return whenever you wish
2) CLOSE the page when you have completed your domain name search.
All purchases and accounts are processed and managed at
Support/questions/contact can be done at either website ( here or

18. Domain Name Search Tool

Our domain name search tool is here

19. Domain Name Suggestion & keyword tool

Our domain name suggestion tool is here

20. Domain Name Bulk Search

Our domain name bulk search tool is here.
Save time checking for what names are available by searching up to fifteen names at one time.

21. How to transfer a domain

To transfer a domain name you will need to obtain your domains "secret key". Log into your user account with your current domain registrar and navigate to your domain name. You SHOULD find your domain name 'secret key'.
Some registrars call this by a different name, so you may see it written a little differently.

Also note that SOME registrars HIDE this information or do not display it in your user account. This is against ICAAN rules and is 100% not allowed. Unfortunately a lot of registrars will stop you from transferring by not allowing you to access your domain key without contacting them.
If you cannot find your domains secret key first try live chat with your registrar, or phoning them. It's faster. You are well within your rights to DEMAND it immediately without waiting.
Registrars that act in this way are in breach of terms and conditions and can loose their registrars licence. Notify them that you know this information and you should receive your domain key instantly.
If you are unable to retrieve your domain key or your current registrar will not provide it, contact us. We'll ensure they provide it immediately.

Once you have your domain secret key, simply go to our domain name registration/transfer links, add your domain name and when prompted, paste your domain key into the provided field and click submit.

If you are transferring a domain name with a hosting account, select the hosting account of your choice. You will be able to add your domain name and secret key during the order process.

If you need help, contact us!

22. How to bulk transfer multiple domains

You will need your domain secret key for each separate domain. Then use our bulk transfer tool here
If you will be using one or more of these domains for hosting you should create the hosting account first, entering the domain or domains for that hosting account and then transfer any others to your user account afterwards.

23. Full List of Available domain name extensions

Our full list of domain name extensions and pricing is here

24. Transferring Websites AND domains

We offer a free website and domain name transfer service for all hosting accounts hosted with us. We will completely backup your websites files/folders and databases and install it in your new hosting acount.
Your website will never go offline.
Should you wish us to do this for you you can either purchase your hosting account first, transfer your domain name and then open a support ticket to have us transfer your website, or you can contact us first by using the contact form on our contact page.
We're professional and we're pretty quick as well!
Our website transfer service is limited to one per hosting account, or per free domain names provided on each plan. Eg: one free domain name = one free website transfer service, ten free domain names = ten free website transfers.
Website transfers are ONLY available for the hosting plan purchased.

25. I need more info - my question isn't answered here!

Of course! Everyone has different questions! No matter how much info we have.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please visit our contact page

Who would you rather have looking after your hosting?!
We're bachelor of technology graduates. 24/7/365 support from experts. Not outsourced staff.

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