Terms and Conditions

websites-hosting.com reserves the right to refuse service to any persons or entities including the rights to pause service, or discontinue services for breach of any of the following conditions included in these terms of service.

websites-hosting.com reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of services at any time, including adding to conditions, changing of conditions, or removal/deletion of conditions. Any changes of terms and conditions will be sent to current clients/users prior to changes made.

Section One – Fulfilment of applicable International Laws.

You may not have/build any website based on, or, with content of any kind, with any of the following:
Illegal activities/substances
Violence &/or Cruelty
Prejudices or incitations against any person, persons, groups and all etc for any reason including lifestyle choices or identity associations.
Child abuse in any form as regulated by ALL laws.

websites-hosting.com is legally bound to report any infringements and is bound by law to make copies of your website files and all related hosting files, including emails, and supply any and all information to law enforcement authorities upon request. We are under NO obligation to notify you of any investigations into your activities and will not doso.

Section Two – Fulfilment of applicable copyright laws.

You may not have on your website any material that you are not the rightful owner of, or have licences for such as licenced photographs and licenced webscripts that you have purchased.
1. You may not copy texts from any websites, print materials such as books, magazines and all etc without permission or, without a licence to reproduce the materials.
2. You may not use images on your website that you do not have the ownership of (you took the photo yourself with your own camera), or have licences for (you have purchased images from an image website or photographer or private entity), or have the express written consent of the copyright owner to use. You MAY use your own images, public domain images (PD permissions), and licenced images only in all formats, eg: jpeg, png, svg, ai, etc.
3. You may not display videos of copyright material on your websites without permission.
4. You may not play copyright music files on your websites.
5. You may not make available for viewing or downloading ANY copyright material that you do not have the rights to, either as a share site, free download site or paid download site.
6. You may not upload any files to your websites folders any materials that are copyright that you do not have the rights to.
7. You may not make links on any website, or in any downloadable materials, or place links in emails that lead to any place or site that promotes, sells, or has illegal copyright content. websites-hosting.com is bound by copyright laws and is bound by law to suspend all services to copyright infringers. If we are notified of any copyright infringements by the lawful owner, or authority representative, we must act and immediate action will be taken. Copyright theft will not be tolerated in any form. Violaters are pre-warned that copyright holders have the right to compensation in monetary amounts that far exceed the value of the materials original purchase price. ie: Something that may have cost you $2 to purchase may cost you over $5000 in legal fees.

Section Three – Illegal or Fraudulent Use

Part A
1. You may not build any website that intends to mislead any website visitor to the bona fides of the website.
2. You may not build any website, or page, or make email forms that resemble those of any other website.
3. You may not attempt to mislead your website visitors into believing that they are at another website, or that your website is in any way associated with that website or business.
4. You may not build any website that engages in PHISHING or phishing practices, or use any email account for phishing.
5. You may not install or use any form of virus, trojans, hijackers or any other form of malicious software. There is no limitation on this, and it will include any type of illegal programs. You may not store these in folders in your sites in any form, you may not make them available by download or in any files offered for download. Please note websites-hosting.com scans all folders daily for virus and malicious content=we will find it.
6. You may not have links on your website that go to any sites or pages with malicious software either on that page, anywhere on that website, or available for download, or available by email including mailing lists.
7. You may not promote, sell or illicit illegal activities or substances or products in any form.
8. Any other type of illegal or fraudulent usage is banned.

Part B
1. You may not sell any item or product from your website that is incomplete, or obsolete. An example would be website scripts that are not responsive, or do not conform to current hosting types, are not compatible with current browsers (and similar) or quite simply is not fully working. If you sell scripts at BETA stage you must clearly state that they are BETA scripts.
2. You may not sell, promote or advertise illegal items, products or activities/events of any kind. Fully licenced LEGAL sellers of these items should CONTACT websites-hosting.com to provide documentation prior to opening any website.

Section Four – Website types NOT allowed.

websites-hosting.com will not host websites of the following type or content type: Warez Hacker sites or hacker information sites Illegal download sites Filesharing sites *vps hosting is permitted file storage sites for bonafide business purposes, ie, shared office files. Porn, soft porn, R or X rated sites of adult content type.

Section Five – Website types not permitted or supported for websites-hosting.com plan types= Standard, Business, Ecommerce, Unlimited Music sites Video sites Streaming sites TV or radio Webinar Chat sites File Storage &/or file sharing Mail Sites or Mailing List Sites Hosting sites
NOTE 1: Music and video sites require ffmeg which is available only on vps plans. Hosted sites without ffmeg attempting to play music or video, including streaming sites, movie download sites, webinar and any other type of site with video will have slow loading times, or broken play due to overloading a system not designed to support these types of files.
NOTE 2: You may embed video files from websites that allow embedding. In this instance the video is hosted on a site with ffmeg and your players on your site will play from that site using their platform. Businesses wishing to show product videos on their websites should upload the video to sites that allow users to store files for viewing or select a vps plan.
NOTE 3: UNLIMITED means unlimited bandwidth (visitors to your website and no quota limits on days, hours etc), diskspace (storage in files in your cpanel files). Depending on your chosen plan it can also include unlimited databases, ftp accounts, emails (and mailing lists), free scripts to install and unlimited folders to place them in per domain you host, and unlimited domains hosted, unlimited addon domains, unlimited subdomains. It does not mean that you are unlimited in the type of website this plan will support and is able to be used for. Simple explanation: An overloaded boat will sink.
NOTE 4: Banners, slideshows and animated gif files are not videos and are permitted.
NOTE 5: Chat scripts may be installed on your websites for admin conversations with clients and customers. You may NOT have a website that is solely for chat, or a website like a dating site or similar where users will chat online. VPS is the only hosting type that will support online user chat services with high amounts of users. If you intend to have a high level of users chatting, choose vps hosting. If you wish to install chat to speak to your potential clients we recommend unlimited hosting plans.

Section six – VPS Sites Virtual Private Server sites are able to host any and all types of websites provided that they do not breach terms set out above regarding International Laws, copyright Laws, Illegal or fraudulent usage, and are not a site type in our website types not allowed. VPS sites may host video, music, streaming, webinar, chat, file storage & file sharing & Cloud platforms, and any and ALL other site types.

Section seven – Email Accounts
1. You are personally responsible for the reputable behaviour of any person using any email account you have. Business who allow staff to have their own personal email accounts, eg: johnsmith@mysite.com, accounts@mysite.com, sales@mysite.com etc, must NOT allow other persons to set email passwords in their c panel. Your c panel password must remain private and secure at all times.
2. You may not sell email accounts, nor lease, or rent them.
3. You may not create any business, or website, or other, that allows use of your email accounts by any other persons or businesses for free or for profit.
4. You may not use your email account to SPAM and must only send emails to consenting receivers (NEVER add any email address to an email list without the consent of the owner of the email.)
5. You may not use your email accounts for illegal or fraudulent purposes.
6. You may not use your email accounts as a product or service to others. SPAM emails, or illegal activities from your email account CAN result in your email account being blackbanned by mail servers (not websites-hosting.com) or loss of your domain name due to cancellation of your ownership by ICAAN for breach of the terms and conditions of owning/using a domain name. IF your domain is cancelled you may also be banned from ever purchasing another domain and may have ALL of your domains cancelled and not just the email that was responsible. Please ensure ANY staff you give accounts to are aware of the rules. In extreme cases of illegal activity users may also be banned from IP providers (your internet provider) and may be blackbanned from using any provider.

YOUR IDENTITY IS IMPORTANT Section Eight – True and Correct Information

The purchase and registration of any domain name and any webhosting accounts requires true and correct information for the owner of the domains and/or webhosting account. It will require your first and last name, an exact address (plus a Post Office box as a second address =not required), a phone number (not required). Incorrect Ownership information, such as fake/incorrect names and addresses is grounds for cancellation of ownership of domains by ICAAN, and cancellation of webhosting by any webhost. A domain name is a business name, in the same line as a standard business. Use of incorrect names and addresses can result in another person claiming ownership and leave you with no proof regarding matching identity documents.
NOTE: All domains hosted at websites-hosting.com have FREE whois protection. This means your name, address and ALL personal details are hidden and securely private. Anyone searching for information on who owns the name &/or website will only be given contact details for websites-hosting.com. websites-hosting.com user information is kept in super secure servers. Please use the correct information.

Section Nine – C panel account users
1. You may not share your c panel account username or login password with any other person. C panel login information should be kept confidential. YOU MAY NOT GIVE C PANEL LOGIN DETAILS TO ANY ENTITY INCLUDING PERSONS WORKING ON YOUR WEBSITE AND SUPPORT PERSONEL FROM ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS. Your support workers can access any and all of your site files through ftp protocols and by being given user and password information for your database. NO SUPPORT WORKER NEEDS ACCESS TO YOUR C PANEL. Any worker insisting on c panel access should be avoided. Change your passwords regularly.
2. You may NOT write down, or keep a record of, your username passwords or any websites-hosting.com account information in any place that is able to be found or used by another, and you may not keep the information in the same place (separate your user name from your password!). You SHOULD use a CODE for your usernames and passwords IF you have them anywhere they MAY be discovered. Eg: If your username is something you can easily remember, like "chocolate" DONT write down "chocolate". Example: Username: chocolate. On your records *(use a memory prompt code) = REDvelvet (= a type of chocolate cake) or cHeEsCAkE or If your password is something like: Abc123def CHANGE it ON your record file to: 123aBCDEF and a code for WHERE you moved it that ONLY you know! eg: Abc123def becomes: 123aBCDEF213r explanation: 213r means you have moved block 2 to 1st position, block 1 to 2nd position, block 3 stayed where it was, r means CAPITALS become lower case, and lower case become CAPITALS. You could also us S for press SHIFT KEY. Eg: 123S>aBCDEF213 so your actual password would be: Abc123def If you forget you will eventually work it out, anyone else is going to have MAJOR problems. In the case of writing a username such as REDvelvet or cHeEsCAkE anyone attempting to work out your username will ASSUME that they will be working with THOSE words or changes to upper/lower case on the same keys, R to r, or keys directly left or right of those keys – e E, t T, OR the number position of that letter in the alphabet, A=1 B=2, OR the symbol that relates to that number 1=! 2=@ 3=# etc. It will take them THOUSANDS of years to go through every combination BEFORE they start working on another word choice…

READ THIS important information>>>
IT IS NOT ALRIGHT TO GIVE ANY PERSON ACCESS TO YOUR USER ACCOUNTS!!! EVER!!! Your user account not only has access to your website files (that a programmer may wish to work on to change codes, fix errors, or add customisations) but also has your PRIVATE information (address, phone numbers) and in some cases MAY have credit card or financial information. It also has OWNERSHIP details of your hosting account AND your domain names. ANY PERSON working in, or having access to, your C PANEL can CHANGE this information. They can LOCK YOU OUT of your control panel. They can TRANSFER ownership of your DOMAIN names to themselves (or anyone else), they can transfer ownership of your hosting account to themselves or anyone else. Information contained IN your C panel MAY be enough information for theives to STEAL YOUR IDENTITY and perpetrate identity theft, whereby they can obtain loans in your name, empty your bank accounts and seize control of your credit cards. Unscrupulous and dishonest programmers CAN add codes to your payment processor codes and DIVERT ALL PAYMENTS to themselves OR 30% of sales to themselves (in the hope that you wont notice). PLEASE NOTE WELL that MANY identity theives and scammers advertise themselves online as PHP programmers, script repairers and etc just to gain access to your PRIVATE INFORMATION which they then use themselves or SELL to others to use. Or they may add pages, or codes to your pages that you may never find. There are MANY types of websites that are ILLEGAL worldwide, such as racist or child pornography sites. YOU may inadvertantly give one of these types of groups a page with links to their materials OR even a full website that you don't even know is there! You may also be helping illegal groups to receive payments for their causes or recruit new members! You should also know that if your domain is HOSTING one of these pages/sites/links/content etc you can be removed from all search engines by the search engine provider AND face prosecution by law enforcement authorities. DO NOT GIVE YOUR USER PASSWORD INFORMATION TO ANYONE. And do NOT leave it in any place it can be found by anyone, including your children who may log in and innocently change names to THEIR NAMES and create a password you will never guess in a million years! If you believe your c panel has been breached IMMEDIATELY change your passwords AND if you feel it necessary NOTIFY websites-hosting.com support immediately! IF you have lost control of your c panel or user accounts contact websites-hosting.com support immediately or read the information below on this page. IF your domain names have already been transfered to another person or entity it is UNLIKELY that ANYONE will be able to restore them to you!

Registered Trade Marks may exist in the case of some names you may wish to use or purchase. Where trademarks exist you are not permitted to purchase any domain with that name in it. Cancellations will in some cases be instant (in the case of highly recognised business/product names), or in others it may depend on the trademark owner or representative contacting either websites-hosting.com or ICAAN to prevent your use of their trademark registered name and/or identifying logos (etc). This ruling can also apply to the names of persons, ie: JohnSmith.com, and the name of recognised personalities or groups such as bands, eg: The Band. If your name actually is John Smith you automatically own the copyright and will be uneffected provided that your spellings are identical to your legal name. Do not assume that because you have a registered business name eg: ABCbooksellers, that there is not another business with the same name registered in another state or country that may have an existing trademark registered. Some examples of trademarked names would be: paypal, cpanel, coca cola etc.
NOTE 1: Generic terms cannot be trademarked, eg: the words: buy, sale, jeans, real estate, football. So, in example, you cannot use the name facebook, but you are permitted to use face and book provided that it does not FORM the word facebook. You cannot use NFLfootball because NFL is registered but you can use NFL if your website is NOT about football and the letters stand for other words, eg: Nebraska Finance & Loans.
NOTE 2: Some companies, businesses and celebrity personalites MAY CHOOSE to ignore that you have used their name in your domain IF after reviewing your website they find it to be beneficial to themselves, their product or their promotion, eg: Your website is a fan site for Band X and presents positive articles and promotes legal purchase of the bands products (music sales, merchandise and ticket sales/performances). You should be aware of TWO important issues,
1. You can be asked at any time to STOP using the domain name and THEY can request immediate transfer to themselves.
2. If your website becomes "valuable" (meaning that it is making money, or the domain name or website itself is valued at a high level, the rightful owner CAN enforce closure of your domain and transfer ownership to themselves. They are then legally able to use the domain themselves or sell it privately or to the public by auction.
NOTE 3: Purchase of domain names through websites-hosting.com is an automated process. We do not check for copyright or trademark restrictions in domain names when you order them or purchase them. The onus is upon you to check your legal rights to use the name before you purchase it. Section Ten – Domain Names The onus is upon all purchasers of domain names (you) to know the rules and regulations pertaining to the purchase and use of domain names as set out by ICAAN.
websites-hosting.com is a licenced domain registrar of domain names, and therefore an agent for ICAAN. We do not set the rules or regulations.

Section Eleven – Webhosting
1. websites-hosting.com assumes that all users have sufficient knowledge and capabilites to setup and use and host websites. websites-hosting.com does not manage your hosting or c panel areas and is not responsible for instruction, providing information on where instruction is available, teaching, tutoring or any similar type of help.
websites-hosting.com does not offer support for errors caused by users in any area of their c panel or in scripts installed for any website.
NOTE 1: Information is provided in user areas for links to help information of products that are made available for websites-hosting.com clients, eg: C panel, mysql databases, ftp and all similar.
NOTE 2: C panel has three help/instructional options included as: Walkthrough setup, how to texts, how to instructional videos.
NOTE 3: Support is available for a) single quote amount, b) hourly rate, for users who require assistance that is outside of our "SUPPORT LIMITATIONS" (below: Section Twelve – Support Limitations.)
2. All websites hosted at websites-hosting.com must host only scripts/website types supported by their hosting types capabilities, eg: Music and video sites may only be hosted on VPS hosting and may not be hosted on ANY other plan type. You may not upload or store music or video files in folders in standard, business, ecom or unlimited hosting plans. (please note we scan our databases and servers daily). Embeds are allowed.
3. You may not HOST websites for any other entity or persons including family, friends or any other. Each hosting account is a personal account and may only be used by YOU.
4. Dishonest or Fraudulent Behaviours will not be tolerated. websites-hosting.com reserves the right to suspend, cancel hosting, or refuse service to any user for dishonest or fraudulent activities on any website or links FROM your website to other areas meant to defraud or deceive. websites-hosting.com reserves the right to suspend any and ALL of your hosting accounts and/or domains/websites if a breach is found on ANY domain you own or are the agent OF. Meaning: If you have 100 websites and 1 is fraudulent we will close the other 99 as well. If we are contacted by legal authorities to suspend or close your sites we will conform to those requests immediately. Example of sites/usages that will incur immediate suspension or cancellation of services, and may also include loss of domain names or further legal action by LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Spam sites (including use of email accounts to send spam emails to unconsenting receivers), fake sites (sites made to deceive visitors into thinking they are at the REAL website, eg: Paypal, bank sites etc). Payment Processor Organisations, such as Paypal or Banks or Credit Card providers may contact websites-hosting.com to CANCEL your use of INCOMING PAYMENTS if your products or services are NOT as described, are faulty, or your refund/replacement policy is not adhered to or not current with LEGAL conditions (means you cannot make up your own laws that are contrary to actual laws, eg: No refunds – exchanges only is illegal in MOST countries. You also may not give "cover notes" in place of refunds). It is usual in these instances that you will first be contacted by the payment provider (eg: paypal, bank), and will be requested or ordered to make changes. If you fail to respond, or comply, or your changes are insufficient, the payment provider can CANCEL your accounts, or block payments being sent to you from banks, user accounts or credit cards. You may also LOOSE this priviledge on ALL your financial dealings for business/personal reasons for every facet of your financial dealings including personal bank accounts, bank loans, your own credit cards etc. If you fail to conform to requests made by your payment providers and we are contacted by them to suspend or cancel your website(s) we MUST comply.
5. Illegal or ANTI SOCIAL usage is not tolerated. We will IMMEDIATELY suspend &/or delete websites &/or suspend &/or delete webhosting accounts of ANY user participating in illegal or ANTI SOCIAL behaviours. We will actively assist law enforcement agencies with any and all information requests and in extreme cases will report you to them if we believe your activities break any laws, or present any threat of psychological or actual harm in ANY WAY. FREEDOM OF SPEECH does not indemnify you for SLANDER and LIABLE or from prosecution and accountability in regards to LAWS concerning areas that are in force such as: Racism, Genderism, Abuse, Bullying, or general such as inciting illegal activities, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, entrapment etc. Nor does it allow you to breach copyright or trademark laws. Eg: Freedom of movement allows you to travel to or go anywhere you choose but does NOT extend to your right to enter private property or tresspass on lands not owned by you. Your right to religious freedom and religious expression and beliefs does not entitle you to any right of religious PRACTICE that is legislated against, eg: Practicing religions with animal sacrifices, or codes concerning slaughtering of animals for consumption, must still adhere to animal welfare and animal cruelty laws and all etc.

Section Twelve – Support Limitations –

GENERAL What is support
1. websites-hosting.com support is limited to websites-hosting.COM services ONLY. Support will be given for any part or parts of your C PANEL account that is not working as it should. Support will be given for any components of your C PANEL that is not responding as it should. Support is given for any services offered by websites-hosting.com such as domain name registrations or transfers that is not working as it should or a problem has arisen. Support is given for any area of your websites-hosting.com USER ACCOUNT (user portal) that is not working as it should or where a problem has arisen.
2. websites-hosting.com does NOT provide support for errors made by users.
3. websites-hosting.com does NOT provide support for THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS such as free scripts installed on your website, or scripts that you have made yourself, or purchased from a script provider. Please contact the support provider for your script.
4. Support is NOT provided for customisations or adding scripts (installation and setup) or other to ANY of your websites or folders in any shape or form (for "Business website or ecom sites" see below).
5. Support is NOT provided for any service, product or other that is NOT provided BY websites-hosting.com
6. Support is NOT available for answers to questions of a general nature, customisations etc.
7. SUPPORT IS HAPPY TO HELP WITH FREE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS LIKE: a) What hosting type should I use b) I would like a website that does xyz, what script should I use? c) similar information type questions.
8. SUPPORT IS HAPPY TO PERFORM OR HELP PERFORM FREE TRANSFERS to websites-hosting.com OF: a) Domains b) websites c) all databases, folders, scripts etc.
9. Support offers FREE setup and installation of all sites under our BUSINESS or ECOM plans. Please note this is a BUILD service and does NOT extend to addition of any text information, uploading of any products or images, or setup of categories etc (note: we cannot predict your categories, shoe shops have different categories to rug and flooring stores or childrens toys etc). websites-hosting.com will setup your website(s) ready for you to add your information to.
NOTE: ALL third party providers have support or information available per item, ie: C panel, ftp, mysql, emails and all free script providers. The onus is upon YOU to research the available information from these providers for help and support, and for making any decision to use any script in your hosted web accounts. websites-hosting.com support will NOT act in place of support for third party providers.
10. BACKUP of sites. websites-hosting.com automatically backs up ALL databases DAILY. Meaning that your website files and databases are constantly backed up in the case of unforeseen failures by any system OR unauthorised entry to your site areas by persons that have guessed or FOUND your login information. USERS ARE ADVISED to perform their own site backups in cpanel and KEEP a copy of your hosted sites ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER in case of unforeseen problems, that you may simply upload and reinstall all of your files/sites in seconds. In the event that your site is accidently deleted or overwritten and no backup exists (or you've backed up or saved a corrupted version) websites-hosting.com HAS a backup copy of your site we are HAPPY to provide. PLEASE NOTE: Our backups are only available for a MAXIMUM of 6-7 days PRIOR and IF your website files were corrupted BEFORE this date the data WILL be in those files. It is RECOMMENDED that you make folders on your home computer for your websites by DATE. Folder one named: March2015, Folder two named April2015 etc. In the event of you then requiring to reinstall previous data you will have files that are able to be used.
websites-hosting.COM is NOT responsible for keeping records or backup files of your websites. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU HAVE CONSENTED to allow any other person or entities to use your c panel (given them your c panel username and password).
websites-hosting.com has the right to CHARGE YOU A FEE for supplying backups and reinstalling your information. Providing your username and passwords to your c panel is a BREACH of websites-hosting.com terms and conditions.
11. Loss of control of your hosting account. Support is given to users who have lost control of their hosting accounts or services AT websites-hosting.COM (not admin areas of your website(s). In the event that your user login information has been guessed, found or used by another person to take control of your accounts websites-hosting.com will work with you to regain control of your accounts. Please note that websites-hosting.com is NOT able to suspend ANY account (take any website offline) or hand over control of any account WITHOUT ABSOLUTE PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY. In the event of OBVIOUS PROOF, such as "you've been hacked" messages displaying we WILL remove the offending pages, files, folders etc and may ZIP the offending site (take it down from display). If the website appears to be in working order and our scans do not reveal any viruses or malicious or illegal content we will NOT make any changes or suspend it UNTIL it is PROVED that you are the legal owner of the site. Please note that until your identity and ownership is proved websites-hosting has NO WAY of knowing IF you are the legal owner, or a competitor seeking to close you down, or a disgruntled employee or neighbour seeking to cause a dilemma for you, or a theif attempting to take possession of your property. It may take moments, or much longer to establish ownership, a timeframe is unable to be given. In the event that an identity can NOT be proved by NORMAL means websites-hosting can arrange for a private investigator to act on our behalf to establish the required proof. If you elect to undertake this option you will be responsible for the costs involved. You will be provided the costs for approval BEFOREHAND. You may not hire your own due to websites-hosting inability to prove the identity of that investigator. websites-hosting WILL accept statutory declarations sworn before legal agents such as justices of the peace and court officials provided that websites-hosting is ABLE TO CONTACT the agent for verification of legitimacy. Please note your statutory declarations MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, address and the name of your HOSTED ACCOUNT, plus the signatures of both YOU and the legal agent and the DATE.

Section Thirteen – disclaimers and indemnities.

Section Fourteen - Refund Policy
The user agrees and understands that refunds do not and will not include amounts paid for purchasing of third party products with any hosting plan.
Refunds will be made on remaining months on any hosting plan MINUS any amounts paid for domain name registrations, transfers or renewals, and any other products purchased on your behalf, eg: SSL certificates, dedicated IPs.
Refunds will NOT include current month, or past months hosting fees.
Explanation: Refund amounts will include ONLY remaining months of hosting per hosting plan. The costs of domain names and other included products will be deducted from the refund.
Refunds are NOT available for domain names, SSL certificates or dedicated IPs.
In the event of cancellation of hosting and enacting of any refunds you will be the owner of your domain name and may transfer it at any time, or, if you wish to only cancel hosting you may park your domain name for free with us.

Section Fifteen - Full disclosure and notification of parent domain.
1. Users are advised that websites-hosting.com is a sister site of parent domain cheaphostr.com.
2. Users and members are notified that all terms and conditions exist in full and are the same and unchanged for both domains operated by cheaphostr.com and websites-hosting.com
3. Users and members are informed that all hosting plans and domain names are purchased through cheaphostr.com and will be administered by cheaphostr.com
4. Users and members are informed that all hosting and domain packages are offered by cheaphostr.com
5. Users and members are advised that all website hosting will be hosted by and at cheaphostr.com
6. Users and members acknowledge that the use of the domain name websites-hosting.com in these terms and conditions is in place of the parent domain cheaphostr.com and that all terms and conditions remain in force.




cheaphostr.com (hereinafter referred to as "Parent") AND you (hereinafter referred to as "Customer")


entered into a Customer Master Agreement ("Agreement") effective from <#=agreementdate#> of which this "Domain Registration Product Agreement Extension" is a part.

WHEREAS, Parent is authorized to provide Internet registration and management services for domain names, for the list of TLDs mentioned within APPENDIX 'B';

WHEREAS, the Customer wishes to purchase Registration and/or Management and/or Renewal and/or Transfer for the list of TLDs mentioned within APPENDIX 'B' through Parent;

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual promises, benefits and covenants contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt, adequacy and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Parent and the Customer, intending to be legally bound, hereby agree as follows:

(1) "TLD" refers to .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, .US, .IN, .EU, .UK, .TRAVEL, .WS, .COOP, CentralNIC, .MOBI, .ASIA, .ME, .TEL, .MN, .BZ, .CC, .TV, .CN, .NZ, .CO, .CA, .DE, .ES, .AU, .XXX , .RU, .PRO, .SX, .PW, .IN.NET, .CO.DE, .LA, Donuts, .CLUB, .UNO, .MENU, .BUZZ, .LONDON, .BID, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, Rightside Registry and Radix Registry


(3) "Domain Order" refers to an Order fulfilled by the Customer through the Parent under this Domain Registration Product Agreement Extension.

(4) "Registrant" refers to the registrant/owner of a Domain Order as in the OrderBox Database.

(5) "Registrar" refers to the Registrar of a Domain Order as in the OrderBox Database and/or shown in the Whois Record.

(6) Registry Operator refers to the Organisation/Entity that maintains the registry of a TLD of a Domain Order.

(7) "Whois Record" refers to the collection of all data elements of the Domain Order, specifically its Registrant Contact Information, Administrative Contact Information, Technical Contact Information, Billing Contact Information, Nameservers if any, its Creation and Expiry dates, its Registrar and its current Status in the Registry.

(1) The Customer must ensure that the Registrant of each Domain Order must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions laid out by the Registrar of the Domain Name during the term of the Domain Order. The Customer must familiarize himself with such terms. The Customer acknowledges that the Registrar has various rights and powers as mentioned in the Registrar's terms and conditions. Parent is not liable for any action taken by Registrar pursuant to the Registrar's terms and conditions. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Customer shall indemnify Parent of, and shall be responsible for any liability resulting from Registrants' noncompliance with such terms and conditions.

(2) The Customer will not make any changes to any information associated with the Domain Order without explicit authorization from the Registrant of that Domain Order.

(3) The Customer must comply with all applicable terms and conditions, standards, policies, procedures, and practices laid down by ICANN, the Registrar and the Registry Operator.

Parent and Service Providers, in their sole discretion, expressly reserve the right to freeze, delete, suspend, deny, cancel, modify, take ownership of or transfer any Domain Order, in order to comply with any applicable Dispute policies, requests of law enforcement, or in compliance with any Court Orders, or if Parent or Service Providers in their sole discretion determine that the information associated with the Domain Order is inaccurate, or has been tampered with, or has been modified without authorization, or if Parent or Service Providers in their sole discretion determine that the Domain Order ownership should belong to another entity, or if Customer/Customer/Registrant does not comply with any applicable terms and conditions, standards, policies, procedures, and practices laid down by Parent, Service Providers, ICANN, the Registrar and the Registry Operator. The Customer agrees that Parent and Service Providers, and the contractors, employees, directors, officers, representatives, agents and affiliates, of Parent and Service Providers, are not liable for loss or damages that may result from any of the above.

In the event of termination of this Product Agreement Extension for any reason, Sections 2 and 3 shall survive.

The Privacy Protection Service hides the contact details of the actual owner from appearing in the Whois Lookup Result of his domain name.

(1) Customer acknowledges and agrees that the contact information being displayed in the Whois of a privacy protected Domain Order will be those designated by the Parent, and

(1) any mail received via post at this Address would be rejected;

(2) any telephone call received at this Telephone Number, would be greeted with an electronic answering machine requesting the caller to email the email address listed in the Whois of this privacy protected domain name;

(3) the sender of any email to an email address listed in the Whois of this privacy protected domain name, will get an automated response email asking them to visit the URL http://www.privacyprotect.org/ to contact the Registrant, Administrative, Billing or Technical Contact of a privacy protected domain name through an online form. This message would be relayed as an email message via http://www.privacyprotect.org/ to the actual Registrant, Administrative, Billing or Technical Contact email address in the OrderBox Database.

(2) Customer agrees that we can not guarantee delivery of messages to either the Registrant, Administrative, Billing, Technical Contact, of a privacy protected Domain Order, and that such message may not be delivered in time or at all, for any reason whatsoever. Parent and Service Providers disclaim any and all liability associated with non-delivery of any messages relating to the Domain Order and this service.

(3) Customer understands that the Privacy Protection Service is only available for certain TLDs.

(4) Irrespective of whether Privacy Protection is enabled or not, Customers and Registrants are required to fulfill their obligations of providing true and accurate contact information as detailed in the Agreement.

(5) Customer understands and acknowledges that Parent in its sole, unfettered discretion, can discontinue providing Privacy Protection Services on the Order for any purpose, including but not limited to:

(1) if Parent receives any abuse complaint for the privacy protected domain name, or

(2) pursuant to any applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement agency, or

(3) for the resolution of disputes concerning the domain name, or

(4) any other reason that Parent in its sole discretion deems appropriate to switch off the Privacy Protection Services.

Customer must ensure that the Registrant of each Domain Order must also acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Customer shall indemnify Parent of, and shall be responsible for any liability resulting from Customer's nondisclosure of these terms to Registrant of Domain Order.

Customer and Registrant agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Parent, Service Providers, PrivacyProtect.org, and their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, agents, directors, officers and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages or costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or related in any way to the Privacy Protection services provided hereunder.

.COM, .NET (through Registrar <#=domcno_cheaphostr#>)
.ORG (through Registrar <#=domorg_cheaphostr#>)
.BIZ (through Registrar <#=dombiz_cheaphostr#>)
.INFO (through Registrar <#=dominfo_cheaphostr#>)
.NAME and .NAME Defensive Registrations and .NAME Mail Forwards (through Registrar <#=dotname_cheaphostr#>)
.US (through Registrar <#=domus_cheaphostr#>)
.IN (through Registrar <#=dotin_cheaphostr#>)
.EU (through Registrar <#=doteu_cheaphostr#>)
.UK (through Registrar <#=dotuk_cheaphostr#>)
.TRAVEL (through Registrar Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. D/B/A PublicDomainRegistry.com)
.WS (through Registrar <#=dotws_cheaphostr#>)
.COOP (through Registrar <#=dotcoop_cheaphostr#>)
CentralNIC (through Registrar <#=centralnic_cheaphostr#>)
.MOBI (through Registrar <#=dotmobi_cheaphostr#>)
.ASIA (through Registrar <#=dotasia_cheaphostr#>)
.ME (through Registrar <#=dotme_cheaphostr#>)
.TEL (through Registrar <#=dottel_cheaphostr#>)
.MN, .BZ (through Registrar <#=afiliascctlds_cheaphostr#>)
.CC, .TV (through Registrar <#=namestoretlds_cheaphostr#>)
.CN (through Registrar <#=dotcn_cheaphostr#>)
.NZ (through Registrar <#=dotnz_cheaphostr#>)
.CO (through Registrar <#=dotco_cheaphostr#>)
.CA (through Registrar <#=dotca_cheaphostr#>)
.DE (through Registrar <#=dotde_cheaphostr#>)
.ES (through Registrar <#=dotes_cheaphostr#>)
.AU (through Registrar <#=dotau_cheaphostr#>)
.RU (through Registrar RU-Center)
.XXX (through Registrar <#=dotxxx_cheaphostr#>)
.PRO (through Registrar <#=dotpro_cheaphostr#>)
.SX (through Registrar <#=dotsx_cheaphostr#>)
.PW (through Registrar <#=dotpw_cheaphostr#>)
.IN.NET (through Registrar <#=indotnet_cheaphostr#>)
.CO.DE (through Registrar <#=codotde_cheaphostr#>)
.LA (through Registrar <#=centralnicdotla_cheaphostr#>)
Donuts (through Registrar <#=donuts_cheaphostr#>)
.CLUB (through Registrar <#=dotclub_cheaphostr#>)
.UNO (through Registrar <#=dotuno_cheaphostr#>)
.MENU (through Registrar <#=ari_cheaphostr#>)
.BUZZ (through Registrar <#=dotbuzz_cheaphostr#>)
.LONDON (through Registrar <#=dotlondon_cheaphostr#>)
.BID (through Registrar <#=dotbid_cheaphostr#>)
.TRADE (through Registrar <#=dottrade_cheaphostr#>)
.WEBCAM (through Registrar <#=dotwebcam_cheaphostr#>)
Rightside Registry (through Registrar <#=demandmedia_cheaphostr#>)
Radix Registry (through Registrar <#=centralnicnewgtlds_cheaphostr#>)
.OOO (through Registrar <#=namestorenewgtlds_cheaphostr#>)
.DESI (through Registrar <#=dotdesi_cheaphostr#>)
Afilias New gTlds (through Registrar <#=afilias_cheaphostr#>)
.SOY (through Registrar <#=dotsoy_cheaphostr#>)
Uniregistry (through Registrar <#=uniregistry_cheaphostr#>)
GMO (through Registrar <#=gmo_cheaphostr#>)
Public Interest Registry (through Registrar <#=dotngo_cheaphostr#>)
.WANG (through Registrar <#=knet_cheaphostr#>)
.BUILD (through Registrar <#=ari_cheaphostr#>)
.LUXURY (through Registrar <#=ari_cheaphostr#>)
.GLOBAL (through Registrar <#=dotglobal_cheaphostr#>)
.VEGAS (through Registrar <#=dotvegas_cheaphostr#>)
.BERLIN (through Registrar <#=dotberlin_cheaphostr#>)
.CAREER (through Registrar <#=namestorenewgtlds_cheaphostr#>)
.QUEBEC (through Registrar <#=dotquebec_cheaphostr#>)
.WIEN (through Registrar <#=dotwien_cheaphostr#>)
.NYC (through Registrar <#=dotnyc_cheaphostr#>)
TOP LEVEL DOMAIN HOLDINGS LIMITED (through Registrar <#=mindsandmachines__cheaphostr#>)



The Verisign MobileView Service creates a mobile-friendly version for your .COM and .NET website.

Registrant agrees that Verisign may store the following data elements about any MobileView-enabled domain name:

(1) General Details (Company Name, Description and Company Logo);

(2) Contacts (Phone, Email and Address);

(3) Social (Facebook and Twitter URL);

(4) Products (Product Name, Description, Price and Image);

(5) Business Hours (Title and Hours of Operation);

(6) Coupons (Name, Description, Disclaimer, Image, Start and End Date).

(7) Usage information:

(1) Number of hits for any given domain name;

(2) User agent (where the request is coming from);

(3) Crawling website to collect website information.

Registrant agrees and acknowledges the following terms of data usage by Verisign:

(1) The data will be used to display to the end users and not used for any other internal purposes. This data is all publicly available on the internet and/or customer website.

(2) Customer information is used to create and maintain accounts as well as contacting Customers in case of any problems with accounts, provide technical support, conduct surveys and other similar activities.

(3) Verisign may use data for statistical analysis purpose to understand the Verisign MovileView adoption rate, trend by TLD's etc. in order to make improvements to our services.

(4) Verisign may also use data collected under the IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS, in accordance with the terms of their privacy policy as set forth at http://www.verisigninc.com/en_US/privacy/index.xhtml.

Registrant acknowledges that Verisign may retain some data that has been anonymized under the IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS, as well as retain statistical information derived from aggregated data, even after the MobileView Service has been cancelled.

Registrant acknowledges that Verisign may transfer data collected under the IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS across International boundaries.


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