Website Hosting Reviews

website hosting reviews
Just a few Reviews from our clients at

Totally blew me out of the water!

My new website has auto posting to all my social pages including facebook, and visitors can like my pages or tweet them from anywhere onsite. We changed just to get the free setup and a responsive website and because we knew you could build it faster than we could. I would NOT host my website anywhere else now. We were nowhere on the search engines and now we're on page one organically after they fixed our meta codes!!! Plus getting a LOT of traffic from social media now. YOU ARE ANGELS! Wish we'd found you years ago!

After years of trying

to get our tourism based business doing business we finally worked out WHY we weren't getting booked out. It all came down to our domain name having a country extension instead of an international extension. It NEVER occured to me that people in other countries couldn't find us on search in their countries, and that they'd already booked their vacation and paid for everything before they left home! They showed us how to change everything over and for the first time in fifteen years we are having to tell people we are booked out!

Steven Holcolm

We have over 200,000 clients paying LESS for hosting than you are!

I was with one of the biggest US hosting companies

and had been for years. Until I found you guys! I was staggered at how little I was getting and how much I was paying! THEY were charging me $30 a month and with not anywhere NEAR as much diskspace or bandwidth, plus I had to pay for my own domain and whois and antitheft. I was only allowed 30 email accounts and if I wanted more it cost more! It was costing me over $670 a year! I cant believe Im now only paying $44 a YEAR and I have MORE than they even have to purchase. Don't be like me! Change now! I love these guys!

Ken W.
I was paying $99.95 a month for my ecommerce site

and then I had to pay $64 more for my ssl and another $59 for my dedicated IP. I did NOT own the script and found I was just "leasing it" from them! It wasn't responsive and I started loosing a lot of sales because my customers couldn't click anything! No free domain name and I only had 10 email accounts for ALL my staff. I only had 3gb of bandwidth and 15 ftp accounts! They had a link to their overpriced hosting plans in my footer and I couldnt remove it unless I paid them another $60 a year! Now I have unlimited bandwidth and diskspace and I'm saving myself over $1200 a year! Plus I LOVE my free business enterprise email!!!"

Jenny S.
I bought my domain name from another registrar for 1 cent.

But then had to pay $30 a month to host my website with it. I had a lock in contract and couldn't transfer for 2 years. So I ended up paying them $720 over 2 years and $17 more to renew my domain name the second year. If I'd had hosting here I would have got my domain name for free and only paid $24 a year. I have more here and Im definately staying!

Ross N.
I have hosted my website in the UK since day one.

I decided to change because my website kept going offline all the time. My webhosts couldn't seem to fix it. One minute it was there and then it was gone for hours, along with my emails. I now know they'd oversold the servers and everytime visitors were trying to access my site it went down so I was paying for nothing. I started here with the budget $12 plan and figured I'd just see the difference. I will NEVER go back to where I was! My page loads are much faster and I now have paying customers booking my services! After the first month I upgraded to the business plan and had them build a responsive site for me. It was online in hours! I want everyone to know I am more than happy with choosing And I wish I could name my last host! AND what annoys me the most was I was paying for adwords advertising, and you still get charged for every click even if there's no site to connect to! With the money I'm saving and now making I fully intend to fly to the US and kiss every single one of you!

Kim Nayler

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