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Plain English Information on Websites & Hosting for New Site Owners

And for those trying to work out how to get started!

Dont Do or Buy anything until you read this!

Read this before you buy a domain name!

Keep Your Money where its supposed to be! In your wallet and not someone elses!

Dont know what you need? Going around in circles and getting nowhere? Start here

You know what you want to build, but do you know what you need to build it?

There are hundreds of website types. Everything from article sites (like this one), to ecommerce sites where you sell your products, or affiliate products, business websites for real businesses, that need maps, booking forms, click to call, and some people want to start their own video site, or radio station. Musicians need a completely different type of website to the website type needed by a school, or a doctor, or an engineering company, or a photographer.

One size does NOT fit all.
Find out what you need and what you dont need to setup your perfect website

How is built?
And what does it cost? uses:

  • a FREE CMS (content management system) – website script
  • a FREE website theme
  • a FREE website builder plugin (to make the pages and add content like texts, photos etc)
  • STANDARD shared hosting that costs $2 a month and includes:
  • Free domain name registration & renewals
  • Free domain privacy protection
  • Free domain lock (anti-theft)
  • FTP & MySql Databases included
  • C panel
  • Free Website Scripts and Auto Installers
  • Free Email accounts using the domain name

Our total cost to build this site= $0
Our total cost to host this website is $24 per year

You DONT need to hire a web designer!

And you dont need to know code!
If you know how to use a mouse, or those clicky drag thingys on your laptop, or how to drag your finger across a tablet or phone screen, you can build a website yourself.

Oh, yeah, and you’ll need to type your texts. But thats the same as typing an email or an SMS…